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The company IMIDA was founded in 2004 by Peter Maximowitsch as sales agency.

From the beginning IMIDA had the goal to represent companies from Eastern Europe and their products on the Western European market, especially in Germany.

But we have also provided our customers in Eastern Europe with reliable partners from Germany.

IMIDA has been a limited liability company since 2012 and continues to work on projects that strengthen trade relations between East and West and which are mutually beneficial.

By now IMIDA GmbH can look back on interesting and challenging projects.

Our customers are producers in the nanotechnology industry, in the cable production and the production of plastic products.

As the official partner of Crea-Systems Electronic GmbH, IMIDA GmbH also distributes state-of-the-art temperature control systems and the components for machines, processes and buildings, as well as measuring systems for quality control and optical and capacitive monitoring of monofilaments.

IMIDA GmbH is the official distributor of the label print and apply systems Ventus by KLINGER Finland on the German market. The labeling systems convice with their reliability, endurance, flexibility and user-friendlness.

Producers of basalt fibers, which are used to strengthen concrete and manufacturers of bearings for large machines, are also among our partners.

In 2012 Dipl.-Ing. Anatoli Maximowitsch joined IMIDA as a shareholder and in 2013 as the new managing director. By this the range of services offered by IMIDA was greatly expanded. In addition to pure commercial representation, we now offer our customers a wide range of industrial services and automation software for the industry of plastic products and can contribute significantly to their success through our know-how.

Your key advantages

  • Cost savings compared to own expansion of distribution channels
  • Quick access to the required target markets and essential contacts
  • Risk minimization through competent advice and individual project management
  • High quality products at fair prices

If you are interested in our work, our products, projects and customers, we would be pleased if you contact as via email or phone. You are also welcome to use the contact form.