Industrial Computer

We are offering modern Industrial Computers for production lines including the visualization.
You have an older line? No problem! Talk to us, we will provide a suitable Industrial Computer with all necessary interfaces also for this line!

We have developed an IM-Box, with which we can realize the communication to any field devices and replace old communication cards.
This allows us to replace your old industrial computer with a state-of-the-art industrial computer with no special built-in cards. But with the update of the computer there is no need for a costly update of the older, but still operational field devices. The communication to any field devices runs via the IM-Box. The communication between the IM-Box and Visu-Box runs over a fast TCP/IP 1 Gbps connection.

Your existing visualization can either continue to run on the IM-Box or the Visu-Box, or it can be replaced with a modern web visualization.

An overview of the system can be seen here (click on the image to enlarge):

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