IMIDA GmbH is a sales representative of the norwegian company Nanosoft AS on the German sales market and offers not only the distribution of the software product nanoCAD but also customer support.

About the company

The products of the norwegian company Nanosoft AS are over 15 years on the market avaiable. The team of CAD professionals is dedicated to provide their customers with secure, legal and cost-effective CAD software, as well as reliable and qualified customer support. NanoCAD is now used by more than 840,000 users.

An important part of their philosophy is the commitment to collaborative innovation and collaboration, with the goal of building the best CAD platform with an open API. Similar to the model of Wikipedia, users have the opportunity to actively participate in the further development of nanoCAD and become part of the nanoCAD team.

About the product

The product nanoCAD stands out for its professional, user-friendly CAD interface. The software is equipped with an extensive collection of tools for creating and editing simple drawings as well as for modeling 2D and 3D objects. In addition to the basic configuration, extensible tools are available to create DWG compatible CAD files. The software offers innovative, interactive and customizable functions and contains several APIs that allow the routine work but also the automation of tasks of complex CAD applications. The MultiCAD function also allows binary compatible applications for various CAD platforms.

Key features of the software

  • familiar interfaces
  • powerful work and design tools
  • 2D and 3D modeling
  • DWG compatibility
  • several programming interfaces (API's)
  • ActiveX Automation and LISP
  • MultiCAD API ™ for C ++ and .NET

As a sales representative from Nanosoft we are happy to help you with any concerns. Do you have questions, problems or want more information about the company and its products? We will gladly advise you!
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